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Supported devices iOS

The following iOS devices can be used with the eSense:

  • All iOS devices from version 12.5 or higher, which are (in part):
  • Apple® iPhone® 5S, iPhone® 6 / 6S, iPhone® SE / SE 2, iPhone® 7/7 +, iPhone® 8/8 +, iPhone® X, iPhone® XR, iPhone® XS, iPhone® 11/11 Pro, iPhone® 12/12 Pro
  • Apple® iPad® from 5th generation (iPad Air) or newer, including all iPad Mini from 2nd generation
  • Apple® iPad® Pro from 1st generation or newer
  • Apple® iPod Touch® from 6th generation or newer

Additional note Siri: Please note that Siri can NOT be activated while you do a measurement with the eSense app (this applies to all eSense sensors). Otherwise a running measurement can be disturbed and your values be wrong therefore. You have to deactivate Siri YOURSELF (our app can’t do this due to the settings of Apple).

In order to deactivate Siri go Settings -> (General ->) Siri and deactivate Siri (the exact steps can vary depending on the version of iOS).


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