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I notice most when I’m excited or tense….Damp hands, sweating, circling thoughts, being charged, restlessness, frequent urination, anxiety, thin-skinnedness.Freezing, cold hands, cold feet, poor circulation, blood pressure fluctuations, cramping, muscular problems.Heart palpitations, feeling tight, being exhausted, fatigue, low performance, low composure, low resilienceShallow breathing, rapid breathing, irregular breathing, hectic, labored breathing, hyperventilation, lack of abdominal breathing.Tension, poor coordination, weak muscles, stress, inner tension
Skin Response




What is measured?Skin ConductanceSkin TemperatureHeart rate variabilityBreathingMuscle activity
What additional equipment is needed or recommended?Different types of electrodes* (recommended)Finger Clip for attachment* (recommended)Belt* & battery (needed, both included)Belt* (needed, included)Different types of electrodes* (recommended)
Individual device?1)
Possible combinations? 2)2) 3) 2)
Connection via microphone input on smartphone / tablet?
Connection via Bluetooth®?
Export of values via CSV & PDF?
Combination with smart bulbs (Bluetooth® & Phillips HUE™) possible?
Creation of procedures possible?
App for very old smartphones/tablets?
Universal-App available?
Video-, music, tone- and tactile feedback possible?
Compatible with the eSense Web App?
Link to product in shop
1) Skin Response is needed
2) With the eSense Pulse
3) With eSense Skin Response OR Temperature OR Respiration

* Available in our shop at
** Skin Response is needed in combination. The Respiration is available individually as well as in the discounted set with the Skin Response from us


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