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Preparation and start of the app

Create the conditions needed for a successful training:

  • find a quiet room (mobile phone etc. switched off)
  • appropriate temperature of 20-22° C (68-72° F)
  • convenient seating
  • comfortable clothing

You should avoid all conditions that can make you sweat out of purely physical reasons, like intense physical activity before training or intense sunlight and heat. To obtain comparable results, you should try to keep your initial and ambient conditions constant through the series of training sessions.

In comparison with other biofeedback techniques, you will need fewer sessions for a reliable success. 6-10 sessions should be sufficient. To keep focused throughout the entire session, you should limit each session’s length to about 30 minutes. If you start feeling tired while training, you should shorten your sessions and practice more often instead.

The next step is to start the app. At the beginning you can choose between a free training and a procedure. We recommend that you start with a procedure. We present you both below.

Choose between procedure or open training after starting the app


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