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Magic Blue FAQ

I can no longer find the Magic Blue in the Mindfield Shop.

Unfortunately, the Magic Blue is no longer in production. We have extended the eSense app to enable the use of Philipps Hue smart bulbs, which can be controlled via Bluetooth.

How do I connect to the Magic Blue?

You connect to the Magic Blue from inside the eSense app. To connect to the Magic Blue, open the eSense app and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the eSense sensor you want to use
  2. Choose the ‘settings’ (cogwheel symbol)
  3. Enable the ‘Smart bulb feedback’ and choose ‘Magic Blue’ as the bulb type
  4. Tab on the ‘Choose A Bulb’ button and select the bulb from the list that you want to connect to
  5. (You can also test the chosen bulb by tapping on the ‘Connection Test’ button. If the color of the bulb changes by this, the bulb is connected.)

After you have followed these steps, the app will remember the Magic Blue you have chosen (you usually don’t need to follow these steps again, unless you want to use another Magic Blue).

You should not pair the Magic Blue by the device generic BluetoothÂŽ settings.
(Attention: If you pair your bulb that way, you won’t be able to find and select the Magic Blue from inside the eSense app. If you did so by accident, simply un-pair the Magic Blue from the generic Bluetooth® settings and follow the steps above).

What can I do, if connecting to BluetoothÂŽ fails or the Magic Blue is not found?

Restart the Magic Blue (switch the switch of your lamp off and on again). Especially if the Magic Blue is already switched on more than 1 minute, the Magic Blue stops sending the BluetoothÂŽ signal to connect. Restarting activates the signal again and the Magic Blue can be found.

Why can’t I find the device when scanning for Bluetooth® devices?

Check the light from the Magic Blue to make sure the Magic Blue is switched on. If there is metal around the Magic Blue (for example a lampshade around the Magic Blue), it could shield the Magic Blue and block the signal.

Make also sure that the Magic Blue is not connected to another phone or tablet already since the Magic Blue can just be connected to one phone or tablet at a time (see also next question).

How many Magic Blue bulbs can I control at the same time?

You can control one Magic Blue at the same time.

How far can the distance between Magic Blue and phone or tablet be?

Usually the range is 18 to 30 meters without any objects in between. It will be less with objects between the Magic Blue and your phone or tablet (for example a wall between the Magic Blue and the smartphone or tablet can decrease the range).

How can I reset the Magic Blue?

Just follow this video to do so:


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