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Combination possibilities eSense sensors & Combined Feedback

The eSense sensors can be combined with each other with restrictions. You can use this combination in our eSense app in both an Open Training and a Procedure.

Since the eSense Skin Response, eSense Temperature and eSense Respiration each require the 3.5mm headphone jack in your smartphone or tablet, these 3 sensors cannot be combined with each other.

The video explains the exact procedure for combining the eSense. The settings in the eSense app are shown and how a later evaluation of the combined measurements can be made.

eSense Pulse

Since the eSense Pulse connects via Bluetooth®, you can combine the eSense Pulse with each of the other sensors (via the 3.5mm headphone jack).

This results in the following possible combinations regarding sensors and biofeedback parameters (in brackets):

  1. eSense Pulse (pulse) + eSense Skin Response (skin conductance)
  2. eSense Pulse (pulse) + eSense Temperature (temperature)
  3. eSense Pulse (pulse) + eSense Respiration (respiration) (+ eSense Skin Response)*.

*The eSense Respiration can only be used in combination with the eSense Skin Response, as it is based on the Skin Response.

Combined measurement eSense Pulse & Skin Response
Combined measurement eSense Pulse & Temperature
Combined measurement eSense Pulse & Respiration

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