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Operating Instructions for eSense Respiration

Contents of the packaging:

  • eSense Respiration Sensor Unit (black box with inserted spring + one replacement spring to replace in case of defect of inserted spring)
  • eSense Respiration Stretch Strap, variable length adjustable
  • Printed guide

Remove the eSense from its packaging. Put on the expansion strap as shown and adjust it to the correct length.

You can wear the belt either around the chest or around the abdomen. In most cases, the measurement and training of deep abdominal breathing are useful.

The belt should sit quite loosely and should not restrict you in any way! A small amount of pressure on the spring of the sensor unit is enough. After applying the strap, slide the sensor unit under the strap, connect the cables from the eSense Skin Response to the sensor’s push button connectors, and plug the other end of the eSense Skin Response into the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet. If your device no longer has a microphone input, an adapter may be required (e.g., for the newer Apple iPhones/iPads). This is available from the manufacturer and the eSense works fine with it.


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