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Battery Information

The eSense Muscle uses an internal Lithium Polymer battery with 3.7V operating voltage. The eSense Muscle is charged with five volts via the included USB-C cable and USB charger.

You can read the current state of charge in the eSense (web) app. To save the battery, the device switches off after two minutes of inactivity; i.e., without Bluetooth® connection or recording to SD card.

Changing the battery by the user is not provided. The manufacturer can only replace the battery.

  • Never open the eSense Muscle. This is not provided for.
  • Use the included charger to charge the eSense Muscle as other chargers may damage it.
  • If you do not use the eSense Muscle for a more extended period, always store it in the enclosed case. Charge it fully first when you start it up again.

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