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Survey (optional)

If you have toggled this option on in the settings, a survey will appear after each measurement. This enables you to archive reproducible measurements and to document changes in your measurements (for instance, if you change the electrodes type or if you start to use the eSense while you are lying down instead of sitting).

What is your position?
Choose between sitting, legged/yoga sitting, standing or laid.

Electrode type
The first image represents the gel electrodes, the second image represents the Velcro electrodes, and the third image represents the EDA finger clips.

How do you feel?
Here you set your mood after the session. This enables you to save your mood in connection with the measurements for the long term.

Note (here “Test tone and tactile”)
Here you can simply note a free text to the measurement. We suggest noting down special circumstances so that you can classify measurements with a lot of stress or relaxation even much later in time.


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