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Supervisor Guide

Subscribe to a plan

You must have activated a plan. You can book this in our mobile app (on Android and iOS), under Profile -> Plans.

For sharing your measurments with a supervisor as client, the Basic Plan is sufficient (because the measurements are already uploaded to the cloud, so your supervisor can access your uploaded measurements).

For the live streaming and custom live view, the client needs to have the Premium plan activated.

Client side

Next you need to login to our Web App at

eSense Web App login

In order to share your measurements with a supervisor you need to have the Basic plan activated (as described in the first step above)

Basic Plan active

In the web app, you must enter the ID of your supervisor (with whom you want to share your measurements). For data protection reasons, this is unfortunately only possible in this way. This means that your desired supervisor must provide you with the ID and you must enter it in the following place and thus allow the supervisor access:

Allowed supervisors

(For privacy reasons, supervisor mediators are now shown with their initials only. The e-mail is no longer displayed, only the ID).

Trainer side

First you need to login to our Web App at

eSense Web App login

You must be a registered Supervisor. You can buy the Supervisor Plan here:

Supervisor enabled

In order to work with your client(s), the client(s) needs to

  • have the Basic plan
  • Be a supervisor yourself

If you want to use the live streaming together with clients, the clients also need a stable internet connection.

You can add clients by selecting them from the drop-down list. As the clients have previously explicitly granted you access, you should see your clients in the drop-down list.

Add clients


As Supervisor you can see, analysis and compare saved measurements of your clients.

Click on “Archive” -> “Other user” in the menu. Type in the email address of the client whose measurements you want to load and click on the “Search for id/email” Button

Analysis of a single measurement
Analysis and comparison of several measurements

Activate streaming to in the eSense mobile app

If you are a supervisor, you can activate real-time data transmission to eSense Web App ( in the eSense app settings.

Custom Live View (Live Streaming)

For the custom live view and live streaming, you need to have the Premium Plan activated (as described in the first step above).

Klick on “Charts” -> “Custom live view” in the menu. Type in the email address of your client, select the Sensor at “Type” and click on “Add custom Chart”.

Custom live view with 1 client and 2 sensors

You can do this with several different sensors from the same user as well as see the measurements from several users at the same time.

You could for example stream the Skin Response and Pulse from one client when the client does a combined measurement with the Skin Response and Pulse.

But you also could have 2 or more clients all using an eSense Pulse at the same time and stream them next to each other (f.i. in a group session that you do online with several clients in different places)


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