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eSense Web App

In addition to the app, we have also developed an eSense web app that mirrors and supplements the app. You can use this with the account and plans mentioned above.

You can analyze your recorded data (with the basic plan) or even transfer your data to a PC in real time (live streaming with the premium plan).

The main advantage of this is that you can see the graph even better with a large screen and enlarge individual areas and have more advanced analyze features.

eSense Web App with a live measurement with the eSense Pulse
eSense Web App with a live measurement with the eSense Muscle

With the eSense Web App, you can also view measurements from several and different eSense simultaneously and in real time, which allows a professional trainer client to design the workflow.

You can find the web app at There you can login with the same account (username and password) as for the eSense app. For more information on the eSense Web App and its capabilities, see also our article on streaming eSense data.

Archive of the eSense Muscle in the eSense Web App

The eSense app works with all our eSense except the eSense EEGenius.


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