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The app still displays strongly fluctuating or senseless values. Touching or releasing the sensors of the Skin Response or the Temperature does not make a difference.

Turn down the volume on your device (smartphone or tablet). If the volume is too high, this can disturb the measurement. If the problem doesn’t go away despite setting the volume to minimum, continue with the solutions below.

The sense is apparently not sending any measurements to the app. In this case, the app will show fluctuating, inaccurate values. Does your device have a 3.5mm headset (including microphone and headphone) bush? Some Android tablets only have a 3.5mm headphone bush with no microphone included. Then the eSense cannot work. Please check the technical specifications of your device.

Please shut down the app. Important:: Shutting down the app does not mean only closing it. You also must also end running program processes in your device’s settings and delete current settings (empty the cache).

Please install the newest version of the app. Plug in the sensor and restart the app.

Please check if directly touching the skin contact (eSense Skin Response) or the temperature sensor (eSense Temperature) with your hand makes a difference in measurements. If this is not the case, please continue with question 6 or 10.

Also try plugging headphones into the headphone jack of the eSense Skin Response or Temperature. With some devices it can happen that only then the Skin Response or the Temperature is recognized.


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