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Bluetooth® Version:5.0 Low Energy, downward compatible up to 4.0
Frequency range:2402-2480 MHz
Data rate (up to):2 Mbps
Number of channels:40
Channel spacing:2 MHz
Antenna type:Integrated antenna
Antenna gain:0.5dBi

eSense Muscle

  • Two-channel EMG biofeedback device
  • Bluetooth┬« 5.0 transmission to PC or smartphone/tablet (Android and iOS)
  • Fixed Li-Ion battery 1600mAh for up to 12h continuous operation
  • Two bipolar EMG inputs (CH1+, CH1-, CH2+, CH2-); one Analog Ground
  • Two multifunction buttons for using the device
  • One RGB LED to show the operating status
  • 24-bit ADC and preamplifier for each channel
    • A native sampling at 2 kHz per channel.
  • Three bandpass filters (Bessel, 8th order) per channel. -3dB cut-off frequencies: BP1: 20..950Hz, BP2: 20..300Hz, BP3: 100..200Hz
  • RMS calculation and moving average over 0.5 seconds. Decimation to 100 RMS samples per second
  • 200mV differential measuring range per channel
  • 0.024 ╬╝V ADC resolution per LSB
  • < 1.7 ╬╝V RMS noise BP1
  • < 1.3 ╬╝V RMS noise BP2
  • < 0.8 ╬╝V RMS noise BP3
  • Channel 1 and 2 CMRR at 50Hz and 60Hz: better -105dB
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) up to +-15kV according to the “Human Body Model,” IEC 1000-4-2, Air-Gap Discharge
  • HF-filter
  • Operating mode: continuous operation
  • Measurement accuracy EMG amplifier / ADC
    • Reinforcement: ┬▒ 5 % basic accuracy, ┬▒ 0.2 % after calibration
  • Operating range: 5-40 ┬░C, <= 95% relative humidity

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