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Essential Functions of eSense Respiration

eSense Respiration is a breathing belt sensor that uses a smartphone/tablet and an app to accurately measure your breathing. The sensor focuses on the feedback of your breathing. eSense Respiration provides breathing training with biofeedback and serves to improve your breathing pattern, your breathing duration, breathing depth and thus your health! Breathing plays an important role in general well-being, and breathing exercises are part of many relaxation techniques around the world.

The eSense Respiration with the eSense App offers you:

  • A pressure sensor to record your breathing (breathing frequency, breathing depth, breathing pattern;
    (application always in connection with eSense Skin Response, as a sensor cable)
  • A stretch belt that is comfortable to wear, washable and durable
  • Unlimited recording duration
  • Unlimited number of sessions and users
  • Extensive statistics for breath analysis
  • Breathing aid for breathing training with freely adjustable intervals, auxiliary tones and more
  • Export of measurement data as a csv file with compatibility to other software programs for further analysis
  • Export of curves, diagrams and statistics as a PDF report
  • To train and improve your breathing, the app offers a wealth of biofeedback feedback:
    • Bar feedback
    • Curve feedback
    • Video feedback (videos included and own videos freely selectable)
    • Music feedback (music included and own music freely selectable)
    • Tone feedback (change of pitch by the measured values)
    • Tactile feedback through vibration (only smartphones; tablets cannot vibrate)
    • Feedback through color changes of smart bulbs (Bluetooth® bulb and Philips Hue products are controllable)
  • Set any number of markers during a recording
  • Different, prefabricated training procedures are included in the app
  • Free training according to your wishes with any biofeedback variant or several at the same time
  • Extensive in-app help and manuals
  • Regular updates of the app
  • Possible combination with the eSense Pulse for heart rate variability biofeedback with determination of the coherence between heartbeat and respiration!

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