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Possible electrode positions

General information for the skin preparation (independent from the electrode type): Skin preparation or skin cleansing is usually not necessary and also not recommended. It is enough to wash the hands, although the soap dries the skin and lowers the measured values. The same applies to the skin cleansing with alcohol. Greasy skin or skin that has just come into contact with hand cream should be freed of oily residues by being washed with lukewarm water and alcohol (70%) if necessary.

Velcro electrodes

Wrap the Velcro electrodes around the upper and middle phalanx of the index and middle finger. Make sure the silver electrodes touch the surface of your skin directly. Then connect the press button wires with the electrodes. You can wrap the Velcro around the press button ends once again to stabilize the wires, as shown in the right image.

Gel electrodes

We recommend the single-use gel electrodes. There are three different possibilities of the areas of conduction, as shown in the images. All positions are equivalent. Simply connect the electrodes wire through the press button connectors with the electrodes.

Finger clips (without gel)

These EDA finger clips are simply put on the fingertips of the index and middle finger. Then the press button wire of the eSense connects with the electrodes (here, the wire should run forward towards the notch inside the clips).


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