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Troubleshooting connection problems

  1. Make sure that not only Bluetooth® but also GPS or location is activated on your device. We will NOT determine your location. It is a mandatory requirement of Google / Android that GPS must also be active when using Bluetooth®. We cannot change anything, but have to accept this. No GPS data is used by our eSense App.

  2. If you have problems connecting to the eSense Pulse, please check that the eSense Pulse is NOT paired in the Bluetooth® settings of Android / iOS. This is not allowed. Otherwise, it cannot be paired in the eSense app anymore. Remove the pairing there if necessary. The connection between eSense Pulse and your Smartphone/Tablet is only established within the eSense App. As mentioned under 1., Bluetooth® and GPS must be activated and the eSense App must have received the requested authorization to use these two functions. The query for use comes up the first time the app is started and must be affirmed.

  3. If the eSense Pulse cannot be found in the settings of the eSense App, please check the battery. Reset the eSense Pulse once by removing the battery, put on the eSense Pulse WITHOUT battery at the chest strap and remove it again. This triggers the reset. Then, insert the battery again or connect a new battery and the chest strap again. Then try reconnecting the eSense Pulse in the settings of the eSense App.

  4. Please make sure to use electrode contact spray. Without bad electrode contact, a connection may not occur.

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