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eSense Pulse & Bittium Faros 180 Comparison

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DeviceMindfield eSense Pulse
Bittium Faros 180
What is measured?1-channel ECG, pulse and heart rate variability
(just RR distances)
1-channel ECG, pulse and heart rate variability
(RR distances and ECG raw signal)
Which additional equipment is necessary or recommended?None, the belt for the pulse is included. (replacement belts are available in the Mindfield Shop, the belt can be washed)Electrodes 1)
For which measurements particularly suitable?Short-term-measurements
(ususally 1-2 hours max)
(1-24 hours)
Standalone device?âś…âś…
Smartphone necessary?âś…
(included eSense App for iOS and Android for free)
(Windows Software for configuration and retrieving data included)
Export of measured values?As CSV file
(RR values + statstics)
As EDF file
(f.i. to analyze in Kubios Premium)
Sample Rate500 Hz1000 Hz
Waterproof according to IP67❌✅
Saving of measured values in the device❌✅
Battery lifeBattery lasting up to 1 year
(additional replacemant battery included)
Battery lasting up to 8 days
(Charging cable via micro USB included)
Data transferIn real-time via Bluetooth® to a smartphone and tablet and to the included Mindfield eSense AppStorage in the device and subsequent retrieval via USB cable with included configuration software

Optionally also real-time transmission via Bluetooth® to a PC possible but with long-term measurements not practical.
Analysis of measured values with Kubios HRV Standard Software possible?✅❌
Analysis with Kubios HRV Premium Software possible?âś…âś…
CertificationRegular CE certificationMedical device according to 93/42/EWG
Compatibility with the eSense Dashboard?
(Streaming the data in real time)
Price129 € (incl. VAT),order here
835.38 € (incl. VAT), order here h
1) Electrodes not included. You can use both our 24 hour long-term electrodes and any other commercially available disposable snap-on ECG electrodes.

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