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Compatible Android and iOS devices


Note for all eSense:
We recommend using a tablet instead of a smartphone due to the better display.

If you don’t have a device yet and/or want to buy an extra device for the eSense, we recommend depending on your taste either


According to our research, these options offer enough power for the eSense app, will remain upgradeable to the upcoming Android and iOS versions for some time, and are still reasonably priced. The Android devices also still have a normal 3.5mm jack input and do not require an adapter for the eSense.

iOS devices compatible with the eSense

  • All iOS devices from version 15 or higher, which are (in excerpts):
  • Apple┬« iPhone┬« 6S, iPhone┬« SE/SE 2, iPhone┬« 7/7+, iPhone┬« 8/8+, iPhone┬« X, iPhone┬« XR, iPhone┬« XS, iPhone┬« 11/11 Pro, iPhone┬« 12/12 Pro, iPhone┬« 13/13 Pro, iPhone┬« 14/14 Pro, iPhone┬« 15/15 Pro
  • Apple┬« iPad┬« 5th generation or newer, including all iPad Mini from 4th generation and iPad Air from 2nd generation or newer
  • Apple┬« iPad┬« Pro from 1st generation or newer

General note:
Some newer iOS devices without the classic 3.5mm headphone jack and with the newer Lightning/USB-C connector also work great with the eSense. You will need either an original Apple USB-C ( or original Apple Lightning ( to 3.5mm connector adapter (not included with the eSense). Alternatively, you can use any other adapter with a DAC chip. We recommend this adapter on Amazon:

Additional note Siri:
Please note that Siri must NOT be activated if you want to perform a measurement with the eSense (this applies to all eSense sensors). A running measurement can otherwise be disturbed and your measurement values falsified. You must disable Siri YOURSELF (our app cannot do this automatically due to Apple’s settings).
To disable Siri go to Settings -> (General ->) Siri and disable Siri (exact steps may vary depending on iOS version).

Note for iOS devices and the eSense Pulse:
Your iOS device must support Bluetooth® 4.0 LE (sometimes referred to as Bluetooth® Low Energy or BLE ), which is supported from iOS 5 and up.

Note for iOS 7 and later and the eSense Respiration, Skin Response, and Temperature:
The eSense works through the microphone input. For iOS 7 and above, you must explicitly allow the eSense app to use the microphone input, otherwise the eSense will not work. During the installation you will be asked for this, you have to answer there with “Yes” or “Allow”. After installation, you can set this manually. Allow access to the microphone input in the system settings of your iOS device under Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone

Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter (is included with every Apple device,
which no longer has a 3.5mm headphone jack, e.g. the iPhone X)

Android devices that are compatible with the eSense

Important note about Android devices for the eSense Pulse:
Your Android device must support Bluetooth® 4.0 LE (sometimes called Bluetooth® Low Energy or BLE ), which is supported from Android version 4.3 (mid-2013). But we recommend Android version 4.4 and higher anyway. Therefore, the eSense Pulse generally works with most current Android devices.

Important note about Android devices for the eSense Respiration, Skin Response and Temperature:
Your Android device needs a 3.5 mm connector (standard headphones) for external headsets/microphones. On most devices this is present and often integrated with the headphone jack. If no such microphone input is present, such as on the Google Nexus 7, you cannot use the eSense! (All iOS devices listed above have the port).

Alternatively, you can use any other adapter with a DAC chip. We recommend this adapter on Amazon:

Below are some Android devices that we have tested with the eSense Pulse, Respiration, Skin Response and Temperature and which work fine (whitelist). (Please note that this is only a very small sample and that the vast majority of devices worldwide work with the Mindfield eSense).

The following Android devices are NOT compatible with eSense Respiration, Skin Response and Temperature (blacklist). This list is not necessarily exhaustive. If you are not sure if your device is compatible, check if the microphone input is present as described above!

  • All tablets from Lenovo (For the eSense Skin Response, Temperature and Respiration. The microphone input distorts the signal from the eSense. With the eSense Pulse they work)

It is possible that these devices will work after all if you use the devices’ USB-C port instead. You can use a USB-C to 3.5 mm jack adapter for this purpose:


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