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Troubleshooting connection problems

In case of Bluetooth® connection problems between the eSense Muscle and your end device, please check the following steps:

  1. Is the eSense Muscle charged and ready to use? Is the blue LED lit? Turn the eSense Muscle off once (5s pressure on the black switch 1) and then, when the LED has gone out, turn it on again by briefly pressing switch 1. Wait approximately 15-20 seconds for the eSense Muscle to start entirely.

  2. Is Bluetooth® Low Energy (from Bluetooth® 4.0) available on your end device? Check the technical data of your PC, smartphone and tablet.

  3. Is Bluetooth® switched on and ready for operation?

  4. The connection between the eSense Muscle is only established within the eSense Web App or eSense Mobile App and NOT in the Bluetooth® settings of your operating system. Please do NOT pair the eSense Muscle in the Bluetooth® settings of Windows, iOS or Android, because then no access can be made through the web app or mobile app. If you have done so, disconnect entirely.

  5. If you still have problems with the Bluetooth® connection, please try another device to rule out general issues with your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

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