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Which electrodes are working with the eSense?

Wir bieten 3 Typen von Elektroden an. Those have different advantages depending on the intended use. There are Velcro electrodes, Fingerclips (without gel), Gel electrodes and EDA Gel electrodes.

The Velcro electrodes are suitable for the beginning since they are inexpensive, re-usable and easy to use. The Fingerclips are suitable for the beginning as well, but more comfortable. The Gel electrodes have a better signal quality due to the gel, but are not re-usable.

The EDA Gel electrodes are offering the most precise measured values and are re-usable, but require more effort in use and maintenance. These electrodes provided the most accurate readings and can be used multiple times, but were more expensive to use and maintain. If you still have these electrodes, you can also use them for the Skin Response.

You can find a summary of the different types of electrodes in our article.


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