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I do not get any (reasonable) measured values, what can I do?

  1. If there are any problems using the eSense Respiration, please check the belt and spring. The harness should be positioned around your chest or abdomen in a tensioned position but should not be uncomfortably tight or squeezed. The spring is under the belt. You can also put your finger on the spring to see whether it responds and leads to a deflection of the curve during a running measurement.

  2. Check the connection between the eSense Skin Response and eSense Respiration housings to make sure the snap fasteners are properly attached and that the other end is plugged into the microphone input.

  3. Should the spring break or otherwise deteriorate in quality, a replacement spring is included. To change the spring, slightly bend it upwards with your finger, then pull it out to the front. The new spring is simply pushed back into the housing.

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