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Add new module

In the procedure editor, select the “Modules” tab.

Add module to procedure
Click on this button to add another module.

Edit module
Slide the module to the left and tap on the blue pencil symbol to edit.
To delete a module, tap the red trash can icon.
To duplicate a module within the procedure, click on the yellow sharing symbol.
To duplicate a module to another procedure, click on the black sharing icon and select the procedure from the following popup.

Module Type
You can choose between a text, a fixation cross, an image, a video, an audio file, an arrow, a bar graph, a smart bulb, an oscilloscope, a breath pacer or the biofeedback snake.

Module duration
Set how long the module shall last. To do this, simply move the slider to the left or right.

module color
Determine the color of the module in the procedure editor.


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