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Introduction to eSense Muscle

To reduce stress and its vegetative symptoms, an EMG biofeedback training can be performed by causing a reducing the muscle tone of certain “stress muscles” is aimed at. Typical stress muscles are the muscles of the forehead (M.Frontali), the jaw muscles (M.Masseter) and the shoulder muscles (M. Trapezius).

Examples of possible EMG measurements:

Through exercises that involve targeted tensing and relaxing (similar to the progressive muscle relaxation) these muscles can be lowered in their basic tone and thus reduce stress.

For muscle building and strengthening individual muscles or muscle groups, a variety of possible derivations can be used. The electrodes of a channel are placed closer to each other, the more precisely the underlying muscle is recorded. With increasing distance you reach the activity of larger muscle groups. During training you, then muscle tone increase maximum values and improve endurance. For this purpose, tension phases with progressive training being prolonged and increased. Pay attention however also make sure to always incorporate sufficient rest phases.

For coordination exercises and targeted separation of muscle groups (e.g. lifting the arm without “pulling up” the shoulder), channel 1 and channel 2 can be cleverly combined. For example, channel 1 can be applied to the muscle that is to be tensed, while channel 2 can be applied to an adjacent muscle. Muscle to be tensed, while channel 2 “monitors” an adjacent muscle so that is not tensed during the movement. Each muscle movement generates a characteristic pattern under an EMG measurement, which is pattern, which can be practiced and repeated in the software.

The possibilities of using EMG biofeedback are very diverse. Let a professional user assist you in this regard if you have any questions. Important: If you are suffering from a medical condition, do not perform a treatment on your own and always consult a therapist. The eSense Muscle is not a medical device and may be used exclusively for stress reduction, muscle building, relaxation of tension and for coordination exercises to be used!


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