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Operating instructions for the eSense Pulse

Contents of the packaging:

  • eSense Pulse sensor unit (with colored eSense Pulse logo)
  • eSense Pulse Chest Strap, variable length adjustable
  • electrode spray

Remove the eSense from its packaging. Put on the chest strap as shown and adjust it to the correct length.

The strap should be tight, directly under the chest muscles, but not uncomfortably tight or squeezed. Once you have adjusted the belt, remove it again to apply a small spray of the enclosed electrode contact spray to each electrode. This surface separates the two electrodes from each other! No “bridging” may occur here.

This process significantly improves the conductivity and the ECG signal becomes clean and precise. Put on the belt again and press the eSense Pulse Sensor on the two push buttons. Make sure that the eSense logo on the front is not upside down for a person looking at you. You will also find an “L” for left and an “R” for right on the push buttons on the sensor.

Now the eSense Pulse is ready to use and can be connected to the eSense App. In case of any connection problems, briefly remove the sensor and reconnect it to the belt. This will switch it on and off. To prevent the battery in the sensor from being used up unnecessarily, always disconnect it from the belt when not in use.

Battery Change & Battery Information

The battery has a service life of approx. one year if used regularly. You can read the current state of charge in the eSense App. A replacement battery type CR2032 is available in our online shop or in any electronics store. Dispose of a used battery professionally and not in the household waste. Batteries are very dangerous if swallowed. For this reason, keep batteries and small parts away from children. If a battery has been swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

To change the battery, open the battery compartment by turning it counterclockwise with a coin. The battery is facing up with the positive pole. Insert the new battery and close the battery compartment again by pressing on the cover and turning it clockwise for a short time.

Cleaning and Care

Important instructions for cleaning and care:

  • Do not wash the belt and sensor in the washing machine or put them in the dryer.
  • Before cleaning the belt, remove the sensor as it is not washable.
  • You can wash the strap by hand, but do not use water warmer than 30°C.
  • Ironing, bleaching and heating are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not drop or use force against the sensor.
  • Avoid exposing the sensor to high temperatures or sunlight.
  • If the eSense Pulse is stored near freezing, allow it to warm to room temperature before next use.
  • Do not attempt to open the sensor except for the battery compartment.
  • If you will not be using the eSense Pulse for a long time, remove the battery from the sensor.

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