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Explanation of the Individual Measured Values

Regularity (developed specifically by Mindfield)

We also included the regularity as another value. This is also recorded by a formula developed by us and displayed in color (from a measurement duration of 5 minutes or more) in the overview after the measurement:

Attention: The colored coloring of the regularity does not correspond 100% with the color distribution in the pie chart as these are detected in different ways.

For the background coloring of the oscilloscope, a period of 20 seconds is taken and it is determined which regularity value is the most common color.

The pie chart, on the other hand, uses all the numeric regularity values of the entire session, with the percentages in red, yellow, orange, and green taken from them.

General respiration values

There are three categories of readings that we cover with the eSense app: Breathing rate, depth and pattern.

Respiratory rate
The breathing rate is the number of breaths per minute. In other words, how often you breathe. No specific value is sought. However, most people tend to breathe too quickly, especially during stress, so they tend to aim for slower breathing (fewer breaths per minute). The number of breaths per minute also depends on the activity.

Breathing depth
In simple terms, the depth of breath means how deeply you breathe. The Maximum RA (Respiration Amplitude) is the maximum of the calculated amplitude. The higher this value is, the deeper you breathe. A high value is sought. Independent of the activity, deep breathing is generally desirable, independent of the activity. Some breathing techniques such as the Wim Hof method work with particularly fast and deep breathing (hyperventilation).

Breathing patterns
The breathing pattern is the form of breathing. This is represented by the graph. The aim is to achieve a uniform graph. You can see an example of an even graph on page 9 of this manual. A nice even curve is also desirable regardless of the activity.


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