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Skin response and biofeedback training

Stress and its vegetative symptoms can be greatly reduced through biofeedback training, where you intentionally work on lowering your skin response.

Skin response is a universal tool for biofeedback training. It is widely used in the therapy of anxiety, panic disorders and specific phobias. Further fields of use are high blood pressure, tinnitus and sleep disorders. If you suffer from a serious disorder or medical condition, always consult a professional physician or therapist, and do not attempt to treat yourself. The eSense Skin Response is not a medical device and may only be used for stress reduction training.

The Skin Response is a precise device. It can measure the smallest changes which would be impossible to recognize yourself. Have a look at the following example of a measurement to see how insightful the results are

Example measurement curve eSense Skin Response with several, clearly visible peaks
because of stressors. The peaks are recognized and colored by the app.

Measurements are done by placing two electrodes on two fingertips of the same hand. The dark-colored lower side of the electrode should be in good skin contact. Other positions for the electrodes and other electrode-types are possible as well.

The goal of the feedback training is twofold: A reduction of the permanent, basic level of stress and a reduction of the immediate stress response to a particular stimulus. A biofeedback training consists of four training stages. Schedule for the first training about 60 to 90 minutes of free time in which you can conduct the training undisturbed and flexibly.

It must also be differentiated between different types of stress. There is “bad stress,” distress, and there is “good stress,” eustress. You need to ask yourself if you are stressed because you feel overwhelmed and are angry about something or because you are upset. Or are you “stressed” because you are full of drive and are excited? In both cases, the eSense Skin Response shows elevated values. However, in the first case, this is to be judged negatively. In the second case, you can simply enjoy and use the active or euphoric state.


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