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Electrode types

The eSense Skin Response has a standardized push-button electrode connection. Therefore, it can be used with a wide range of electrodes.

In order to ensure the comparability of measurements, once a specific type of electrode has been selected Once an electrode type has been selected, it should be used throughout.

Please also note that 2 Velcro electrodes (and two spare electrodes) are included in the Skin Response delivery and 2 + 4 Velcro electrodes, 50 gel electrodes and 2 finger clips are already included in the Skin Response Sparset with additional electrodes. More in the article on the delivery contents.

Velcro electrodes

+ Easy to use

+ Reusable

+ Cheap

– Worse conductivity

You can order Velcro electrodes here:

Finger clips (without gel)

+ Easy to use

+ Reusable

+ Comfortable

– Worse conductivity

You can order the Finger clips here:

Gel electrodes (disposable)

+ Easy to use

+ Best quality of signal

– Useable just once

Our prior recommendation

You can order the gel electrodes here:


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