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General Information about Breathing and Breathing Training

Our state of mind is reflected in our breathing. If we are pleased or tense, we usually breathe quickly, irregularly and flatly. Positive as well as negative stress is reflected in this way. If, on the other hand, we are relaxed and calm or sleepy, our breathing is usually slow, even and deep.

All in all: Conscious, slow, deep breathing, preferably into the stomach, leads to a clear relaxation! We take advantage of this aspect.

Breathing has a special role in biofeedback in that we can consciously control this parameter. In everyday life we rarely think of our breathing and breathe almost exclusively unconsciously. If our unconscious breathing patterns are disturbed by chronic stress, pain or other psychological or physical stresses, this often leads to discomfort and the maintenance of stress.

With breathing training, you can train and improve your breathing, achieve deep relaxation states and significantly increase your general well-being. Breathing therefore plays an important role in almost all relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation.

Direct biofeedback of breathing; i.e., real-time feedback of breathing pattern, depth and frequency helps our consciousness to achieve new, better breathing patterns faster and more precisely than without biofeedback. The focus on feedback prevents the otherwise so frequent drift in thoughts and loss of concentration on breathing. Many meditation techniques involve the observation of breathing, which is very difficult for many beginners. Breathing biofeedback makes this entry much easier.

After a learning phase of some training sessions, respiratory biofeedback leads to a new feeling of switching off and full focus on breathing, more and more without the feedback of biofeedback, as a better self-perception is developed. In chapter “Training sequence” the sequence of a respiratory biofeedback training program is described.

Follow this suggestion and develop your own routines and integrate breathing training into your everyday life, first with and later without biofeedback. The eSense Respiration is a powerful tool to help you breathe better.


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