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Possible fixations of the sensor


Simply hold the sensor between your index finger and thumb.

+ No additional equipment necessary.

Velcro tape (included)

A Velcro strap is included with the eSense Temperature. You can use the Velcro to attach the sensor to your finger.

+ No further equipment necessary

+ More comfortable for longer measurements

Leukosilk (medical tape)

Simply attach the sensor to your finger or palm with roll adhesive plaster. You can get roll adhesive plasters in every pharmacy.

+ Can be attached to a finger or the palm of the hand.

+ More comfortable for longer measurements

Finger Clip

This is our recommended method of attachment. The finger clip does not stick because no glue is used. The open design ensures that there is no heat buildup.

+ no sticking

+ no heat accumulation

+ for longer measurements optimal fixation of the temperature sensor

The finger clip is already included in the scope of delivery of the eSense Temperature. If required, you can order the finger clip in our online shop:


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