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Note on the Apps

Web App vs. Web App for Mobile Devices vs. Mobile App for Mobile Devices

There are 3 apps available for the eSense Muscle. We recommend these in the following order:

  1. the web app for desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  2. the mobile app (Android and iOS)
  3. the web app for mobile devices (Android and iOS)

In the following we will go into all 3 briefly.

Web App for Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

We recommend this app. This is also available with both versions of the eSense Muscle, the private and the professional version. You can find them under

Link to article:

Mobile App (Android and iOS)

If you want to use the eSense Muscle with an Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet), we recommend our mobile app.

Link to article:

Web App for Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

We recommend our mobile app for mobile devices (see above), but you can still use the eSense web app on a mobile device.

Link to article:


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