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A procedure consists of different modules. The procedures can be used, for example, to implement instructions for relaxation, a stress test, a defined biofeedback training session or tasks for research purposes.

The possibilities are manifold. During a procedure, your this electromyographic activity is recorded. At the end of a procedure, a summary is displayed, showing your readings for each module and the overall view.

Overview after a procedure (in this example a 2 channel measurement with the oscilloscope module)

We recommend that you try the demo procedures included in the app. These give you a guided overview of the different modules and functions.

The included procedures are also protected by a password in order that those can’t be edited or deleted by accident. You can any time create a copy of those procedures without a password and change it as you wish.

We also explain in detail how you can create and edit your own procedures in the chapter procedures settings.

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