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Archive (overview)

The app also contains an archive, in which you can save your measurements and export them as well. You can watch those in detail again, compare them to each other and export them individual or all together (as ZIP file).

Here you can see your measurements listed. You can view a single measurement by tapping on it.

If you click on the clipboard symbol at the top right, you can mark one, several or all measurements. You can then export, analyze or delete the exported measurement (s).

On the filter symbol you can choose whether you want to sort the measurements by name, date, length in ascending or descending order.

If you want to delete a single measurement from this list, you can also tap on the trash can symbol to the right of the measurement.

Here all measurements are listed according to the following factors:

Time, Average of Session µS, Minimum µS, Maximum µS, Difference Min/Max µS, Time Increase, Time Decrease, Total SCR, % of SCR of Session.

With this, you can recognize trends over time and over several measurements (if, for example, your % of SCR of Session decreases by regular training, you can see this here immediately).


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