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Introduction to eSense Respiration

Biofeedback breathing training with eSense Respiration is about observing your breathing through changing bars, curves, music, sounds, vibrations, light from light bulbs, and more. This gives your consciousness a new perspective on breathing, self-perception is trained, and a feedback cycle is created.

But it is also about the change of the breathing, towards a slower, deep abdominal breathing, which has many positive effects and can be trained by a breathing target in our app.

We combine the measurement and feedback of breathing in the eSense App with guided relaxation exercises, guided breathing exercises and meditation and offer you a total experience beyond biofeedback. In addition to extensive feedback variants, you can evaluate your measurements with many statistics, document your progress and export the recordings as CSV and PDF files. Your data belongs only to you! You have full access to the raw data.

Respiration is measured according to the principle of strain measurement. With every breath, your chest and abdomen space will rise and fall, and the belt you put on over your clothes will stretch slightly. You can put the eSense Respiration Stretch Belt either around the chest or around the abdomen. Abdominal breathing is measured and trained more frequently. eSense Respiration has a spring that translates the pressure of the belt into readings. The eSense Respiration Sensor is used for transmission to your smartphone and tablet via its microphone input. Our eSense app evaluates these signals and displays them in a comprehensive form.


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