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Preparation and start of the eSense Mobile App

Create the conditions needed for a successful training:

  • find a quiet room (mobile phone etc. switched off)
  • appropriate temperature of 20-22° C (68-72° F)
  • convenient seating
  • comfortable clothing

Strong physical activity before measurement should be avoided. In order to obtain comparable measurements, you should always train under the same conditions .

The number of sessions required for reliable success is relatively small compared to other biofeedback training sessions. Usually, six to ten sessions are sufficient. As far as the duration of a session is concerned, it depends on your ability to concentrate, but should not exceed 30 minutes. If you are experiencing severe fatigue, the training should be shorter and a higher number of sessions should be done.

The next step is to start the app. Home Screens

First tap on the logo of the eSense you want to use (here eSense Muscle) and then choose between procedures or free training.

At the beginning you can choose between a free training and a procedure. We recommend that you start with a procedure


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