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Operating instructions for the eSense Muscle

Contents of the packaging:

  • eSense Muscle sensor unit (with colored eSense Muscle logo)
  • Mindfield® eSense Muscle Sensor incl. 1600mAh lithium polymer battery for approx. 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Electrode cable set for connecting up to 5 electrodes
  • USB-C charging cable and charger
  • Bluetooth® dongle for PCs that do not have Bluetooth® (please refer to the enclosed instructions)
  • 50 pieces of EMG surface electrodes
  • 50 pieces of alcohol swabs for cleaning the skin
  1. Please remove all products from the packaging.
  2. Recharging: Please fully charge the eSense Muscle before use. To do this, use the included USB-C cable and the charger.Then press once briefly on the black switch 1 on the top of the eSense Muscle. Then the LED should light up red. Charge the eSense Muscle until the LED turns green or goes out.
  3. After the eSense Muscle is fully charged, you can start using it for the first time. A full charge can take up to five hours. During an ongoing charging process, the eSense Muscle cannot be used for measurement for safety reasons. If you plug in the charger during a running measurement, the running operation is terminated and the device switches to the charging mode.
  4. Apply the electrode cables and electrodes:

Remove the electrode cable set from the package. There are five electrode cables included: black, white, yellow, red and green.

The yellow electrode cable is the ground electrode!

For a 1-channel measurement, please use the electrodes black (channel 1+), white (channel 1-) and yellow (ground).

For a 2-channel measurement, please use the electrodes black (channel 1+), white (channel 1-), yellow (ground), red (channel 2+) and green (channel 2-).

Two examples of a one-channel measurement:

An example of a two-channel measurement:

  1. Clean the skin areas where you want to place the electrodes with the enclosed alcohol swabs or isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Take the appropriate number of EMG surface electrodes from the enclosed package. Clip the electrodes to the cable ends before placing them on cleansed skin.
  3. Remove the protective film from the electrodes and stick them to the skin. If you have not already done so, plug the electrode cables into the matching colored sockets on the eSense Muscle.
  4. Necessary: close the package of the EMG surface electrodes airtight again! Otherwise, they will dry out in a short time and stop providing correct values.
  5. Now the eSense Muscle is ready for use and connected to the eSense (web) app. For more information, please refer to the corresponding chapter.

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