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How can I export the measurements?


The app also contains an archive, in which you can save your measurements and export them as well. You can watch those in detail again, compare them to each other and export them individual or all together (as ZIP file).

If you click on the clipboard symbol at the top right, you can mark one, several or all measurements. You can then export, analyze or delete the exported measurement (s).

On the filter symbol you can choose whether you want to sort the measurements by name, date, length in ascending or descending order.


Android: The measurements are saved in the background in an SQL database on your device. A SQL dumb file is saved in the ‘eSense DB Files’ folder on your device. This contains your measurements.

You can export the measurements by copying this SQL dump file from the folder and sending it (for example via email) to another device on which you want to import the measurements.

You must then import the SQL dumb file into the same path (‘eSense DB Files’) on the new device. The measurements imported in this way are automatically loaded into the eSense app.

iOS: Unfortunately, it is not possible to import and export the measurements under iOS.


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