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The values for the eSense Skin Response are very small (below 1.0 µS). What can I do to improve the quality of measurement?

Possible solution 1

If you have dry or calloused hands, it is a good idea to use skin lotion before using the eSense. If you do this, make sure to do this every time so that the measurements are comparable. You can also try to slightly moisten your hands with water.

In some rare cases the values can remain very low (1.0µS), in spite of the measurement working in principle, displaying at least very small changes in value. In this case we recommend using one-way ECG electrodes. They provide a much stronger contact with the skin. You can apply these electrodes to multiple locations of your hands as displayed in the pictures.

You can purchase 50 disposable gel electrodes (size suitable for adults and children) for € 12.90. You can order on our online shop at

Possible solution 2

Sometimes the contact between the Velcro electrodes and the snaps is bad. Please turn the electrodes in the snaps and try to press them firmly against your fingers during the measurement to achieve good contact. Replace the electrodes with new ones and try twisting and pressing again. Try a different type of electrodes (e.g. gel electrodes from

eSense electrodes are not in contact with each other

To test, press the electrodes directly against each other (“short circuit”). This should generate high values ​​of 7µS and more in the app. This allows you to see if the device is working correctly.


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