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Technical Data


Bluetooth Version:4.0 Low Energy
Frequency range:2402-2480 MHz
Data rate:1 Mbps
Number of channels:40
Channel spacing:2 MHz
Antenna type:Integrated antenna
Antenna gain:0.5dBi


Frequency range:2457 MHz
Operating voltage:3 Volt DC
Antenna type:Integrated antenna
Antenna gain:0.5dBi

eSense Pulse:

  • Sample frequency (internal): 500 Hz, RR intervals with 5 Hz to eSense App
  • Measuring range: 30-240 BPM +- 2 BPM
  • Internal error correction
  • Operating range: 5-40 °C, <= 95% relative humidity
  • Belt made of polyamide and conductive silicone + TPU for the electrical contacts
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